26 Costco Secrets Employees Won’t Tell You

17. Eat at Costco Food Court

food court

Costco offers some super cool affordable deals on lunch and food items.  

Buy a quarter-pound hot dog with a 20 oz. drink for just $1.50 and 18-inch pizza for $9.95 and save up your ten bucks on meals.  

16. Make the Most of Costco's Eye and Hearing Test

Costco Hearing Aid Centres

These services are for all non-members, just like Costco’s pharmacy.  The data of Fair Health showed that the average eye exam in the USA costs $200.  

At Costco, you’re in luck as you can get your eyes and hearing tested for half price. There is no need to buy a hearing aid after the test. If you don’t want this test from Costco, you will need to have a membership.

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