26 Costco Secrets Employees Won’t Tell You

15. Costco can be Your Travel Company and Photographer


This is not it when it comes to Costco; the business has its photo center and travel agency with trained professionals to serve you. Costco Travel can help you get the best deals on your vacations, including rental cars, hotels, and cruises.

Plus, Costco’s Photo Center allows you to upload cool pictures of you enjoying in Hawaii. You can create beautiful greeting cards, mugs, and wall décor, with the help of this site.

14. Benefit from Costco's Lenient Return Policy

Costco Return Policy

Costco, unlike other merchandise, has the best return policy in the retail world. That means you get a 90- day limit to return alcohol, cigarettes, and electronics. 

Also, the retail marketer allows you to get a refund if you are a member. So whether you’re moving, or your kids bought something in bulk, Costco’s return policy has got you covered.

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