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When is the next Meijer 10 for 10?

One of Meijer’s most popular sales is the 10 for 1o and free sales on the 11th. Recently, this sale happens almost every 4-5 weeks, and it involves a lot of big brands and store products almost always. It’s one of Meijer’s most popular sales, and, for some good reason, you can end up winning a lot of things.

Therefore, when is the next Meijer 10 for 10? It usually falls in the middle of the month. It is usually the second or third week of each month.

What is Meijer Community Rewards?

Meijer Card

As an aspect of the mPerks reward program, Meijer has a reward program that focuses on giving back to the community. These funds can be donated to K-12 schools or non-profit religious organizations.

Any transaction made with the Meijer card receives a 0.5% reward, while purchases made with the Meijer credit card receive 1% cashback to their organization. This is an excellent way to raise money for any Cause you intend to support.

Meijer has one of the highest rates when it comes to giving back to the community as a percentage of net revenue. Every year, they donate a minimum of 6% of their profits to community groups.

What is Meijer Coupon Policy?

Meijer has an extensive coupon policy, as it offers a lot of options to save money. Their coupon rules include:

  • Double coupons are not acceptable at Meijer.
  • Digital coupons such as MPerks is only usable for an item.
  • A printed coupon is acceptable, and the Sunday inserts are also acceptable too.
  • You need to buy two items to receive an offer for BOGO.
  • If you buy two items from Buy one get one free, then two coupons can be used.
  • Meijer will accept coupons from competitors, provided they are relevant competitors to the location.
  • Competitive coupons or store coupons and manufacturer’s coupons can be used together.

How do I activate my Meijer gift card?


After purchasing the Meijer gift card, the next thing you must do is the activation. The activation is a straightforward process and can be easily done even if you don’t have any experience with gift cards. For activation, just enter the order number and activation number in the confirmation email, and also the number of cards you have gotten. In three hours, you can start using your cards.

Does Meijer accept competitor’s coupon?

Meijer will accept coupons from the main competitors in the trading area of ​​each store, for food or health and beauty products.

Also, they will only accept coupons from the main competitors for the general merchandise if the competitor’s price is taken into account. The item must be the same item as the coupon to make the match.

Competitive coupons are not allowed for items such as beer, beverages, wine, cigarettes, double and triple coupons, discounts, percentage discounts, discounts on full transactions, special promotions, gift card promotions, limited quantity merchandise, and sales discount offers.

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