Dog Dry Shampoo

Dogs naturally prefer not to have their bath because they hate the feel of water on their fur. As a result bathing, your dog may be difficult and tiring. Now, this is where dog dry shampoo comes in.

Dry shampoo for dogs is one of the most preferable shampoos for dogs as it saves dog owners the stress of battling with their dogs while bathing them and also because it saves time and water.

And dry dog shampoo is also preferable because your dog might have recently undergone surgery and may not be able to have a bath as a result of the open wounds.

Due to the high rate of purchase, dog dry shampoo is a bit expensive but not to worry you can always make one by yourself in your home if you cannot afford it.

The ingredients required to make a DIY dry dog shampoo is simple and easy to get. Below are the ingredients needed to make a DIY dry dog shampoo.

  • One cup of baking soda
  • A funnel
  • One cup of cornstarch
  • An empty spice container
  • An essential oil(for scent not necessary)


  • Add the baking soda and cornstarch to the plastic spice container and stir together till they are properly mixed.
  • After mixing the cornstarch and baking powder add the oil and mix properly. And voila! Your dog dry shampoo is ready.

However, for the dog dry shampoo to work it has to be applied properly. The correct way to apply a dry dog shampoo is listed below.

  • Brush the hair of the dog
  • Apply the dog dry shampoo
  • Spread the shampoo all over the dog and be sure that it goes deep enough to reach the skin.
  • Dry the dog with a towel
  • Brush the fur of the dog again

After shampooing your dog or in between bathing for your dog you can use a dog spray shampoo for your dog. Dog spray shampoo is used to get rid of the coat of dirt and dander.

It helps to keep your dog’s coat moisturized, gives your dog a nice scent, and keeps it smelling fresh and clean. Dog spray shampoo is safer for dogs that are eight weeks old and above.

While spraying the dog ensure you spray the back of the ears too and avoid spraying the eyes of the dog as it can lead to irritation and if it is not attended to quickly it can result in blindness.

Furthermore, if you want to get the best dry dog shampoo and also want to make sure your dog is clean and well-groomed after shampooing dry dog shampoo PetSmart is the place to visit.

They offer good services and treat their customers well. You can rely on them to groom your dog well and they will not let you down.

Their shampooing and conditioning are budget-friendly. You can visit their website to book an appointment.

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